What disgusts you?

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What disgusts you?

This pleasant soul is a girl from Saint Petersburg Russia. She is popular on the TikTok platform (stervaaass). For all the wrong reasons.Her TikToks started going viral after she posted videos of her in public places (subway). She would find men sitting down, she would walk up to them, hold on the the bar on the subway, and jump onto the man’s lap.

This is disgusting. No matter if you are a man or a woman, sexual assault is sexual assault. This is clearly a sexual position, and many of the reactions from the men showed that they were very uncomfortable with her actions.

Even if this is fake, no one should ever gain publicity from assaulting others.Finally, what if the roles were changed?If a man went around jumping into women’s laps, he would be in jail, he would be fired from his job, and his videos would get taken down. Everyone has boundaries no matter what gender they are and we have to be respectful of that.UPDATE: None other than stervaaass is back at it again with similar content, expect another edit shortly with more details.

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