OBS Failed to open NVENC Codec – Problem Solved

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OBS Failed to open NVENC Codec – Problem Solved


I have attached the log file. No matter what settings I change or what I do, I get this same error using Nvenc in OBS Studio.
I am running 64 bit OBS Studio, I have tried running it as administrator. I have run it with nothing else open and tried to record my desktop.

I have already reinstalled OBS studio multiple times in multiple different locations.
I have reinstalled my GPU drivers after cleaning them out using DDU.
I have changed every setting around in the output tab while in advanced mode.

Please someone help me fix this. I want to stream/record using Nvenc and OBS studio.
I want to stream with OBS studio specifically as it has all my scenes set up already, and my new GPU is coming in and I’m sure Nvenc encoding will not work even when I swap out the GPU as it seems to be an OBS Studio specific error.

NOTE: Nvenc encoding works with Streamlabs OBS for me. This leads me to believe my install of OBS Studio is broken, but reinstalling it in different locations has done nothing to stop this error.

If any of you help me fix this error, I will be insanely grateful.
Thanks in advance.

Video Tutorial: ”OBS Failed to open NVENC Codec – Problem Solved”

Link to this channel: Click Here

or do the following:

If you’re a simpleton like me, I can tell you how to change these settings. Hopefully this will help any newbies who are having trouble like I was.

1. Open OBS
2. Click Settings in the lower right.
3. Click Output, then look for the “Streaming” box.
4. Click “Encoder” and switch it to Software instead of NVENC, then apply.

You should be good to go.

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